Using a Professional Paper Shredding Service: A Guide

If your business is considering shredding documents that are no longer required, why not consider a professional paper shredding service?These companies do an excellent job and can come by at predetermined intervals or you can call them whenever you need them. You can also shred documents yourself, however, this is a time-consuming undertaking, as an employee or employees can't do much of anything else other than shred documents. Here are several reasons to use a paper shredding company.

1. Legal Implications

The law states that sensitive documents have to be destroyed in certain ways so as to protect the clients. There are still businesses who aren't even aware of this responsibility or that this law exists. If a company decided to destroy documents in-house, they can still get into trouble if they were found out because it may be possible for someone to piece the documents together so that it's legible. A business could get into big trouble if shredding is not done properly. A professional company will know the proper methods to get the job done so it can never be pieced together.

2. Save Money

Believe it or not, you can actually save money in the long run by using a professional service. Even if you're not using one, you still have to pay your employees for doing it. It's a time-consuming exercise and there's still no guarantee the job will be done right. After all, using a personal paper shredder may not be enough to do a job that will satisfy legal requirements. Removing staples and paper clips takes time, but a good professional service will do this for you and recycle the paper. If you did it yourself, you still have to invest in a machine and if it gets jammed, you'll have to fix it as well as maintain it over time.

3. Secure & Proper Disposal

If you shred documents yourself, you will still have to remove the destroyed material and place it somewhere. This may be in a dumpster or bin at the back of the building. People can still get at this. People have been known to jump right into a dumpster and forage for whatever it is they're looking for. With a professional service, the way it's destroyed keeps it safe and secure.

4. Build Trust With Customers

By using a professional service, it can help build trust with your own customers. They will realize that their sensitive data will be destroyed properly and they can have some peace of mind. They'll know that they are dealing with a professional company, so in an indirect way, using a shredding service also enhances your reputation.