Office Cleaning Companies: 5 Qualifications to Consider

The cleaning company you select will have an important role within your business. They’ll help keep the office spotless ready for visits from potential customers. They’ll also ensure the right environment for your team; removing dirt, dust and other contaminants that can detract from the workspace. But how do you find that ideal office cleaning company? Within this latest blog post, we’ll explore five tips for choosing a qualified specialist in your region.

1. Look for a Company Qualified in Cleaning Your Building Type

The style of building your company operates within can have an important role in the type of office cleaning company you select. There are multiple considerations to make in assessing the firm’s background. For example, if your computer has multiple server rooms in which it stores computers, the cleaning company should have experience in cleaning computers while protecting stored information. If your company has a public entrance required for use by customers, the cleaning company should be able offer services throughout the day to keep the area in pristine condition.

2. Review the Company’s Upholstery Cleaning Experience

The cleaning of upholstery and carpeting is a skill that requires careful craftmanship and years of experience. Make sure the company you’re working with understands how to clean carpeting carefully and can remove tough stains from carpeting. The speed of the company’s cleaning work is another important consideration. Are they able to complete the stain removal work on carpeting in a short timeframe to ensure the area returns quickly to normal optimal appeal?

3. Make sure the Company Understands Touch-Point Cleaning

Touch-point cleaning is a leading consideration in the office cleaning process. The touch-point areas are points in the building that numerous people come into contact with on a regular basis throughout the day. These include bathroom door handles and taps on faucets. Viruses such as the flu virus can live on surfaces for as long as 8-hours after contact by someone carrying the virus. By working with a touch-point cleaning specialist, companies can help minimize the risk of contamination within their building. Discuss touch-point cleaning services with the company and ensure they understand how to successfully complete the process in your building.

4. Analyze the Company’s Dust Mitigation Strategies

Dust mitigation is critical in cleaning office spaces. It’s imperative the company you work with has the right technology to remove dust particles from the office space so they can ensure a clean environment for your team to work within. Many of the leading office cleaning firms are now harnessing HEPA-filtered vacuums to reduce the amount of dust within the working space. HEPA-filtered vacuums can be used to reduce dust at the particle level, controlling the number of contaminants and helping form the ideal working space for teams.

5. Learn More on How the Company Prevents Worker Distraction

Oftentimes, the cleaning company will have to complete their work during the day. They might be called in to take care of a spill within a customer service area. Or they might be required clean an area in which liquid has spilled close to computer stations. Discuss with the company their methods for preventing distraction of work teams. One option many leading companies take is to use noise-reduced vacuums and other equipment to help keep the office space quiet and calm for employees.

Making the right choice of office cleaning partner can help keep your office operations running smoothly in the coming years. Take a look through the guidance highlighted in this blog and review your options closely to select a firm that offers quality service through experienced professionals.