ID Cards: A Basic Guide for Businesses

Security is a hot button issue in our society, as more and more we hear of issues such cyber attacks and ransomware. There are many ways to protect oneself, but what does a company do to protect their interests and employees? One important way to deal with this is to use ID cards. It is a simple yet effective way to secure your company, and companies such as Avon Security Products have everything you need for an effective ID card program.

1. Restrict external access

Without ID cards to identify a person, it can be difficult for building security to know if an individual actually works for the company. Requiring everyone to wear ID cards allows for security to identify those who are employees and those who are guests. This will help them to restrict building access to people who do not work for the company.

2. Restrict internal access

Many companies do not want just anybody to access their floors, so ID cards restrict access to outsiders. However, there are also places within the company that you may want to restrict access even for your employees. Using ID cards can determine who has access to storage rooms, computer labs, and other sensitive areas. Some companies even limit access for all floors except the floor the employee works on.

3. Tracking time

Depending on the type of company you have, tracking employee time may be important to you. Rather than have your employees manually clock in and clock out, ID cards can be used to track their in and out times. This eliminates any guess work and makes it an automated process.

4. Professional look and feel

Having official ID cards for everyone in the company can add a professional element to your company. This can help boost employee moral by making them feel important and part of something great, which can be useful if you are attempting to foster a certain type of culture. It can also show guests and potential clients that the company has integrity and professionalism.

5. Grant extra perks to employees

Depending on the culture of your company, you may want to provide your employees with extra perks as added motivation. This can include creating relationships with local restaurants or stores where employees can get a discount. The ID card can be used as proof of employment in order to qualify for the discount.