Do You Have A Police Foundations Diploma? Here Are 5 Job Options!


If you've enrolled in business college and decided to get a diploma in Police Foundations, you will have the opportunity to get a job in the challenging and exciting field of law enforcement. This is an exciting time for you because not only is this a fascinating subject, but, depending on several factors, you can get your diploma in less than a year. If you want to learn more about the Police Foundtaions program, there are more resources available at Canadian Business College.

These courses are normally taught by experts who have actual experience in working in some of the law enforcement jobs. After the course is over, you'll very likely get a job placement to build up your confidence, portfolio and marketability as you look for employment. Let's take a look at some of the exciting career opportunities that await you!


👮 1. Correctional Officer

A Correctional Officer's job is a challenging role and is much more than just opening and locking doors. It's a serious position and officers have to always be alert as the unexpected can happen. Since the job requires dealing with offenders on a daily basis, officers must be trained and able to handle difficult situations at a moment's notice. This position requires working in shifts. Officers will need to supervise offender activities as well as movement within the facility. They will also be responsible for the rehabilitative needs of the offenders.


👮 2. Provincial Police Officer

This is a very challenging and competitive position. Apart from excelling in your academics, there is a qualification process as well, where you will undergo a criminal check. You'll also have a medical, security and psychological check and a thorough character investigation. You need to be flexible as you may be posted anywhere within the province. If you do make it, there are some great benefits such as paid vacations, vision, hearing, drug and dental benefits and many of these benefits will still apply after you retire. You will also receive a very good salary.

A Recruit Constable can earn almost $50,000 and a First Class Constable can earn over $90,000 after 3 years.


👮 3. Customs & Immigration Officer

As a Customs & Immigration Officer, you will need to deal with people and goods moving in and out of Canada. You will be an expert in knowing whether someone is admissible or inadmissible into the country. You will have to work in tandem with Border Services officers. Canadian security is obviously a serious issue in view of recent events and it's a field in which you can never let your guard down.

You may be required to work with the RCMP in your role as a customs/immigration officer. You may constantly be dealing with people illegally trying to gain access into the country or smuggling goods, so you need to be prepared and think fast in this challenging field.


👮 4. Private Investigator

Now here's a field that might appeal to some of you! This is probably not for everyone, but it's an option that some people might just be born to do. By doing a course in Police Foundations, this will stand you in good stead as you take further steps to become a private investigator. You will have to enrol in an authorized private investigator course and register for a licence examination. Once you pass, you can apply for your licence. You have to send the necessary documents to the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.


👮 5. Security Officer

As a security officer, you could work in many places. You could work in a company's property, in condominiums, in big office buildings, in government buildings, construction sites, shopping malls and many other places. The job will likely involve working shifts. This is a profession that is sometimes overlooked, but it can be rewarding for the individual. There will always be a demand for those who have the right training. You could be in charge of controlling crowds, perhaps be a bodyguard to a famous celebrity or work in an airport to protect people from potential threats.

As a security officer, you could later branch out into something else that requires similar traits. For example, it can lead to becoming a police officer, a private investigator or a corrections officer. There may be certain aspects of the job that appeal more to you. Perhaps it could lead you to finding something that you might want on a more regular basis.