A Guide to Family Lawyers: 5 Legal Services for Your Family

Once you have even thought about hiring a family lawyer you know it is the end.

After several attempts of rekindling your relationship, making the necessary sacrifices and seeking marriage counseling, you and your spouse have decided to call it quits. Of course, like the marriage itself, this will never be easy because you can’t simply declare it to be the end.

This is particularly true when you have children as part of the equation, and an angry spouse.

Prior to hiring a family attorney, you have to consider several things before you can actually tap these professionals. Everything from funding to having a plan for the children, you and your significant other need to mull over crucial elements before you officially hire a family lawyer.

Here are five things to consider before you hire a family lawyer:

👪 1. Do You Have the Funds?

Is your marriage ending amicably or is a serious battle awaiting your fate?

No, this is not a joke. It is a serious question because one of these answers will influence one part of the process: money. So, here is a second question: do you have the funds secured?

Hiring a family attorney is a costly endeavour for millions of people all over the world. When a marriage ended on bad terms, it can often lead to property, financial and custody disputes.

Ultimately, when a war between husband and wife ensues, your pocketbook is deeply affected.

👪 2. Gather the Necessary Financial Documents

Once you initiate the process of filing for separation or divorce, you need to begin by gathering the necessary financial documents. If you were not the individual in charge of covering the bills or managing your finances, it is still imperative to collect a wide array of financial documents.

This could include things like tax returns, investment statements, debt obligations and so on.

As soon as you sit down with a family attorney, you will learn why these are crucial.

👪 3. You Can’t Represent Yourself

Sorry, unless you have legal experience, it would be impossible to represent yourself.

The reason for this is that you can't meet all of the technical requirements to help your case. Another reason is that you likely will be unable to follow all of the necessary court procedures.

Here are a few other factors to make you ineligible to represent yourself:

  • You work at your full-time job during business hours.
  • Your case is immensely complicated.
  • The other side has vowed to fight with infinite resources.
  • You don’t have the confidence or speak in front of a court.
  • You a person who gets upset and frustrated easily.

These are all aspects that you have to mull over before you even think of representing yourself.

👪 4. Search Around for the Best Family Lawyer

Now that you have perhaps gotten the idea of representing yourself out of your head, it is time to search around for the best family attorney possible. Whether it is ownership of that cottage that has been in the family for a century or custody of your three children and bulldog, you will want a family lawyer who has the know-how, experience and affordability to win your case.

👪 5. Make a Plan for the Children

Let’s face it: even if a marriage has amiably come to an end, there will always be animosity between you two. That said, it is vital to shield your children from these tensions and hostilities.

Moreover, as you go through the entire process, you and your spouse should come up with a plan for the children. Where they will stay, how the family will spend time together, how to explain the troubles to the children and the list goes on. Your children should be minimally affected.