A Guide to Commercial Litigation: 5 Sensible Tips

What company enjoys undergoing litigation? The answer is nobody!

It’s always a bad time when a business – large or small – has to go through litigation. It costs money, eats away at your time, disrupts operations and affects corporate emotions.

Unfortunately, it becomes necessary, and it is up to you to select the best legal representation. You need the right commercial litigation lawyer who will not only get you through this ordeal but is also compatible to your overall business and will adapt to your company’s needs.

The right commercial litigation lawyer will protect your business interests, provide expertise and keep your bottom line in check. Your legal department will thank you for this hire.

Here are five tips for selecting the best commercial litigation lawyer for your firm:

⚖️ 1. The Overall Price-Tag

Although your primary objective is to be victorious in your litigation, you should still be concerned about the overall price-tag. With a tight budget and a tough economy, not every business can survive expensive litigation. It is best, right from the start, to receive the overall price-tag, even if it is just a ballpark figure provided by the commercial litigation lawyer.

⚖️ 2. Strengths & Weaknesses of the Case

Your company has adopted the mantra that honesty is the best policy. You expect the same from your commercial litigation team. Since you are going through litigation torment, and paying a hefty sum of cash at the same time, you should be provided with an honest assessment of your case.

In other words, as you sit down with the legal team, they must outline the strengths and the weaknesses of your case and how they will be working to focus on the strengths and hide the weaknesses. If it doesn’t happen voluntarily then it is up to you to demand this assessment.

⚖️ 3. The Person in Charge of Your Litigation

At your initial meeting, you met somebody who you think would be perfect for your litigation. They’re smart, experienced and qualified and you seem to have a great relationship with that person. Unfortunately, he or she won’t be the one in charge of your litigation. Someone else will.

It would be wise to request that first professional you met. However, if this is impossible then you must find out everything you need to know about the other lawyer who is leading your case.

⚖️ 4. Work Closely with the Firm

You want to win, don’t you? Well, you will need to work closely and cooperate with the firm.

This means that you must share any contracts, records and documentation to the legal team. You must remain honest at all times and answer questions truthfully. Also, you should never take anything personally. Remember, it is all business so don’t feel as if your ego has been wounded.

⚖️ 5. What is the Most Likely Outcome?

Akin to being provided with the strengths and weaknesses of your case, you should also request what the commercial litigation attorney thinks the most likely outcome of your case is. Do you have a 90 percent chance of winning? Or are your successful litigation odds slim to none?

You have to demand an honest judgment from your lawyers to find out if will win.