A Guide to Car Accident Lawyers: 9 Guidelines

If you’ve been in a car accident and are trying to decide if you should hire a lawyer, keep on reading. You should fully understand the advantages of hiring an attorney to represent your interests before you make a final decision.

🚗 1. Experience with Similar Matters

A lawyer’s experience and knowledge of case history, the law, and the tactics insurance companies will use to get out of paying will save you time and money.

🚗 2. Cost

Most personal injury lawyers who work on car accident cases work on contingency, which means if they don’t win for you, you don’t have to pay them. If they do win, their fees come out of the settlement so you don’t pay anything out of pocket.

🚗 3. Contacts

Experienced car accident lawyers have contacts they can call to work on or testify on your case. This may include private investigators, doctors, accountants, and more.

🚗4. Save Time

Personal injury cases take hundreds of hours to deal with effectively. Do you have hours and hours to request and then look over medical records or deal with the insurance adjuster? All of this will be handled by your lawyer or his or her staff.

🚗 5. Resolution Alternatives

Accepting what an insurance adjustor offers or going to trial aren’t the only options when it comes to car accident cases. If an adjuster offers an unfair settlement, your lawyer will handle arbitration, mediation, or a trial, if necessary.

🚗 6. Objectivity

You’re angry, hurt, and frustrated. Can you trust yourself to always make rational decisions regarding your case? A car accident lawyer will be objective and tell you the truth about your case and chances of winning what you deserve.

🚗 7. Knowledge of the Process

Car accident lawyers have spent years learning how the court process works. They know what paperwork needs to be filed, what has to be filed within certain timeframes, who to talk to, and more.

🚗 8. Trial Experience

You can always go to trial and represent yourself, but the chances of you coming out with a good result against the defence’s experienced attorneys are slim to none. A good car accident allayer will have trial experience so you don’t have to worry about any of that.

🚗 9. Higher Settlements

People who hire car accident lawyers often receive more money in jury settlements and pre-trial settlements compared to those who represent themselves. Even after they pay their attorney’s fees, they still end up with more money than they would have if they’d done it all on their own.