5 Recruitment Techniques to Assemble the Best Sales Team

Has your recruitment agency been tapped to compile a top-notch sales team? With a vast talent pool and perhaps a short deadline, this may be more difficult than you originally imagined.

Sales recruiting is a different breed of animal than any other kind of industry recruiting. This is due to a wide array of factors, like salespersons being born and not bred or salespersons lacking the experience in today’s fast-paced environment. It can be hard to nab the right talent.You need to look at all of the different angles of your applicants to determine if they would be a superb fit for the company. Otherwise, they may be eaten alive by the sales world.

That said, there is plenty of ways to appease your client and gather up a sublime sales division.

Here are five recruitment tips to get the best sales team fast:

1. Interview All Your Candidates on the Same Day

Do you have 100 candidates who are applying for a specific job? If so, you need to try your best to interview all of these applicants on the same day. It may be hard to perform, but same-day interviews can save you plenty of time and grief later on so do the marathon interviews.

You can also take comfort in the fact that at least 10 percent of these candidates will cancel.

2. Weigh the Skills & Experience

It really depends who you speak to; some say you should focus on skills over experience, and some say experience trumps skills. What do you think? Well, this question can be answered based on the needs of your client. They may want a seasoned veteran, while they may want some new blood who have the acumen for sales.

A one-size-fits-all approach may not be the way to attract and hire the best of the best.

3. Ask for a Sales Pitch on the Spot

There is one sales trait that is inherent: coming up with a sales pitch on the spot.

One of the best ways to weed through the plethora of applicants is to request the candidates to provide you with a sales pitch. You don’t need to ask for a sales pitch during the interview, but rather prior to entering the office. This can make or break their chances of being hired.

4. Use the Power of a Few Criteria

In order to separate the good from the bad, you may utilize the power of a few criteria right from the beginning. For instance, you may establish somebody’s appearance for the job:

  • Are they wearing professional attire to the interview?
  • Are they well-groomed for an office setting?
  • Are they confident and strong in their answers?

These three points could be useful. You don’t want to hire someone who will wear flip flops and a pair of jeans when selling a product. You don’t want someone who smells bad or hasn’t combed their hair. You don’t want someone who stutters and stammers when speaking.

5. Comb Through the Resume First

Before you create your list of interesting applicants, you should comb through the resume first.Indeed, this may be difficult considering that you have 200 applicants, but you can employ this elementary trick: as soon as you find a spelling or grammatical mistake or if you come across a blatant fib then you can toss their resume in the trash.

By the end of this due diligence, you will have roughly 75 stellar candidates for the job.

Sales recruiting is a tough racket because it is time-consuming and you always need to be recruiting, even if there isn’t a client waiting in the halls.We all tend to think of Willy Loman when talking about salesmen, but the sales and sales recruitment industry has evolved over the years. It’s all about mobility, technology, cost and personality. If you have a candidate who sympathizes with all these factors then you have the right candidate in your grasp.